(Re)Discover Your City. Experience Culture. Support Local.

LaTandao is the first and only mobile application that allows you to easily discover, interact & support African, Caribbean, Black & Latine-owned (ABCL) businesses, collectives, organizations and artists in your area. And it's free!

Downloadable app coming soon 👇

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Discover, interact and support ABCL-owned businesses

LaTandao helps you discover and engage with ABCL-owned businesses in your area. There's no better way to see and experience cultures around the world - without ever having to book a flight ticket. Find out what's new and happening in your neighborhood every day! 

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  • (Re)Discover & Support local

    You can find out about upcoming events or catch up on the latest deals from businesses & artists in your local area and around the world. LaTandao is a resource for everyone to engage in sustainable economic development by supporting local doers and dreamers.

  • Bring your community together.

    "L'union fait la force" - Bring the power of your community to amplify support for small ABCL businesses and collectives in your area. With LaTandao, you can easily discover and support African, Caribbean, Black and Latine-owned businesses, collectives, organizations and artists in your area. 

  • Build deeper connections with people like you.

    Community is everything. Connect with like-minded people and be part of shaping the future while creating new opportunities for your community to keep flourishing.

  • Find your way.

    Discovered a new local gem? Hop in your car, go for a walk and go for a visit right from the app.

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    Live your best life.

    Stop wondering what to do throughout your week and get the LaTandao app. Life will never be the same again! 


    Explore & connect in your city like never before.

    LaTandao will connect you with the right organizations and people - no matter what you're looking for. Over the last 4 years, our team at La Connexional has connected and engage with over:

    • 3000+
    • 100+
      ABCL Businesses
    • 50+
      Volunteers & Interns
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    This is such a great idea!! Edmonton has really benefitted from la connexional, la tandao has the right idea to take it further - nation wide!! 

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    Connect. Share. Create

    Get LaTandao for free and connect to everything that is relevant to you: Share deals, events, reviews and unforgettable experiences with like-minded people.

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      Unleash Your Inner Explorer.

      Because planning a day out is now exciting again! "LaTandao Is The New Black".

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      The World is Your Village.

      Connect with people across cultures and experiences while igniting meaningful interactions with the world around you.

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      (Re)Discover Your Inner Child.

      Because it is never too late to reconnect with your passion & your community. Our inner child knows we were not meant to exist alone.