Designed With Intention

LaTandao is a mobile application platform that is purposefully designed to promote authentic culinary experiences, products, services and events by people of African, Caribbean and/or Latinx descent. 

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The story behind LaTandao in 2 mins

  The name LaTandao is inspired by the swahili term "Mtandao" which literally translates to Network and the latin american term "tanda" which are informal rotating savings and credit association (also known as tontine) made by a collective of trustworthy people whom decided to come together to build (equity) together.   

What is the purpose?

 To connect the dots, cultivate culture, and build community 

Why is LaTandao needed?

To amplify and uplift ABCL voices & contributions while creating new ways for the wider Canadian community to discover and interact with the aforementioned communities. 


Launching January 2023.

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Connect. Share. Create

Get LaTandao for free and connect to everything that is relevant to you: Share deals, events, reviews and unforgettable experiences with like-minded people.

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    Unleash Your Inner Explorer.

    Because planning a day out is now exciting again! "LaTandao Is The New Black".

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    The World is Your Village.

    Connect with people across cultures and experiences while igniting meaningful interactions with the world around you.

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    (Re)Discover Your Inner Child.

    Because it is never too late to reconnect with your passion & your community. Our inner child knows we were not meant to exist alone.